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Friday, October 24, 2008

Saving Up

In the car today* Lil's said "Mummy, I'm saving-up to be good."

I only hope that this doesn't mean she's going to be really good, then 'spend' all the goodwill generated by such goodness by being appalling. We live in hope.

(*coming back from the second doctors appointment this week to treat Lily's obscenely large puss-filled tonsil - ewww - that will now require her to have them out)


Georgie said...

Indeed we live in hope! She's such a card. Yucky tonsils - I hope that all happens quickly and (relatively) painlessly for you all! Do they still give you icecream when you have your tonsils out??

Bec said...

G - yep - Icecream, jelly, iceblocks and lollipops!
Best of luck with the op - Charlotte had hers out last month and it's made a big difference!

Taphophile said...

Tonsilitis - poor Lil and poor you! I think I'll save up top be bad.