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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So the baby shower went really well... here is a [dodgy] picture of the nappy cake. It was fun and easy and came out pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.

And a finished little rainbow hat. My daughter is terribly shy and hates posing (NOT).

A while back Lily asked me to do a rainbow hat for her. I baulked at the idea of having to shell out for a heap of different rainbow coloured yarns, so the lovely Spidey dyed some gorgeous self-striping for me. Its so yummy.

And finally, for no reason, a picture of my son. He's too cute when he eats his toes.


Michelle said...

Nappy cake! Cool!

Lily is such a shy little girl - it must be painful for her ;-0

And of course the little man Paterson is always a delight. Hope we get to catch up soon!

happyspider said...

all of it, too damn cute (love the i-cord!!!)

Maureen said...

Love that picture of your grandmother. She was a cheeky looking young girl/woman.